Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem

Hear Johannes Brahms’ (1833-1897) powerful Ein deutsches Requiem in Brevik Church! The work has been called a requiem for the living, and instead of Latin, Brahms used the language of the Germans for the texts. The path from suffering to consolation recurs in the movements, with the victory over death at the centre.

Lidingö Motet Choir
Stockholm Concert Orchestra
Synne Vinje, soprano
Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, baritone
Annika Hudak, conductor

Admission: SEK 150 (free for those under 18). Tickets are purchased via If there are any tickets left, they are sold in the church before the concert.

Tip: On the same day at 11.00 there is a shortened version for those who find it a little more difficult to sit still and be quiet, Children’s Brahms!

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