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The Stockholm Concert Orchestra was founded in 2005 in response to the increasing demand on the market for live music performed by a versatile and flexible orchestra. The orchestra can be booked in a smaller or bigger format and our repertoire is almost infinite; we perform film music, musicals, pop, opera and the classics, and we always adjust our repertoire according to the wishes of our clients.


Highlights of the Stockholm Concert Orchestra include performances with Andrea Bocelli at Telenor Arena in Oslo, Forum in Copenhagen, Ericsson Globe Arena Stockholm and a series of concerts with artists such as IL DIVO, Salem Al Fakir, Maria Möller, tAKiDA, Eric Gadd, Alcazar, Marie Bergman, Ann-Louise Hansson, Svante Thuresson, Nina Ramsby, Simone Moreno, Torbjörn “Ebbot” Lundberg (from Soundtrack of Our Lives) and many more.


The Stockholm Concert Orchestra Production manages Stockholm Concert Orchestra. We also offer production coordination in other contexts where live music is wanted, e.g. at concerts, parties and various kinds of inaugurations and openings.



Notes for Peace

In late August, something unique is happening in the Swedish city Varberg. At the medieval Varberg fortress, under bare sky the Stockholm Concert Orchestra and some of the best Swedish artists like Timbuktu, Ola Salo, Loreen and Kristin Amparo, André de Lang, David Lindgren and Jakob Karlberg will gather to perform at Notes for Peace. This year’s concert in Varberg is an important message of commitment to peace. Imagine – 55 symphony musicians and the Swedish elite pf pop music on the same stage. An energy charged meeting unprecedented. Add a sparkling light show and the beautiful surroundings of Varberg Fortress. The famous television host and emcee Mark Levengood is a UNICEF ambassador and with his knowledge he will guide the audience through the concert. Musical arrangement is led by music director Anders Eljas. Notes for Peace, August 27, 2016 is not only a musical highlight in Sweden. Notes for Peace, is so much more. The whole evening is a statement for peace. A legacy of last year’s year-long commitment to peace.



Stockholm Concert Orchestra
PO Box 12171
SE-102 25 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone Numbers

Phone: +46 8 26 00 21
Cell phone: +46 705 31 11 30


Contact Persons

Magnus Einarsson
Producer, Project Manager and Musician
Phone: +46 705 31 11 30

Johan Ahlin
Producer, Arranger and Musician
Phone: +46 709 22 80 93

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